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Sailing and Kayak Tours– Cortes Island & Desolation Sound, BC.

Desolation Sound

Desolation Sound is a place of magnificent beauty, where mountains rise up from the sea in the deeply cut glacial fjords. Warm sea temperatures, picturesque anchorages, and a mild climate make it a world class boating and sea kayaking destination.

Cassel Lake & Refuge Cove

Departing from Squirrel Cove, we head North towards West Redonda Island and the granite walls of Teakerne Arm. With the anchor set near Cassel Falls we disembark for a short, Arbutus lined hike to the warm waters of Cassel Lake for a swim. On our return, we stop in at the historic boat access community of Refuge Cove.

Sails & Whales

Each year, between Spring and Fall, Humpback Whales return to British Columbia and Alaska from their Pacific breeding grounds to feed. Along with the seasonal arrival of the Humpbacks come a sailor’s chance to dance with summer trade winds! 

Over the Top

Step off the beaten path with Misty Isles as we head for the Northern shores of Cortes Island! Beginning at the Gorge Harbour Marina, we will weave our way past sheer cliffs and narrow sandspits towards Sutil Channel. Enjoy a unique, one way adventure around a part of Cortes Island frequented more by wildlife, than by human beings.

Mitlenatch Island

Mitlenatch Island is a stunning protected Provincial Nature Park. It hosts the largest seabird colony in the straight of Georgia, and each spring there is a continuous progression in the blooming of wildflowers. A biologicaly rich and unique ecosystem that is not to be missed. 

Refuge Cove dinner cruise

Anyone up for the best dining experience in Desolation Sound?
Join us aboard Misty Isles every Saturday as we cruise across Lewis Channel for a local treat in a superb setting!

Private Charter

From celebrations and sunset dinner cruises, to overnighters and multi day expeditions, Misty Isles Adventures provides travellers with the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in an exceptionally beautiful part of the world.

Half, full and multi day trips

Mothership Kayaking

The beautiful and dynamic areas surrounding Cortes Island offer a range of opportunities for adventure and reflection.
Propel yourself beneath towering mountain peaks looming over some of the warmest sea temperatures north of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Kayaking ~ Hollyhock

Step aboard the Misty Isles for 5 days of kayak training and exploration on the protected ocean waters surrounding Cortes Island.  Learn from experienced local guides while journeying by sailboat to new paddling destinations each day.

Multiple day trip

Come sailing with us!

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