Mothership Kayak Tours

Mothership kayaking is a great way to enjoy both the adventure of paddling and exploring during the day, and the luxury of a warm meal and cozy bed when the day is done. Our experienced captains and crew keep an eye on weather and tides, so that each day is informed and well planned.  With our kayaks stowed aboard the Misty Isles, “leap frogging” from one area of interest to another is a great way to expand the range of your paddling adventure.

The beautiful and dynamic areas surrounding Cortes Island offer a range of opportunities for adventure and reflection. Propel yourself beneath towering mountain peaks looming over some of the warmest sea temperatures north of the Gulf of Mexico. Snowmelt manifests itself in the form of rushing waterfalls and broad expanses of turquoise coloured glacial till, giving the surrounding sea a tropical hue. Marine and terrestrial life flourish, and colourful communities welcome us to visit.

Whether you’re a first time or seasoned paddler, exploring the Discovery Islands and Desolation Sound is an experience not to be missed. Our certified kayak guides can help you simply get comfortable, or challenge you with training in advanced skills.  Want to take a break? Stay onboard with our Transport Canada certified captains and help reposition the ship to the next rendezvous point, or relax in the wheelhouse with a cup of tea and a selection from our comprehensive onboard library. 

2019 Mothership pricing*
4 passenger minimum

2 days, 1 night- $680 per person
3 days, 2 nights- $1020 per person
4 days 3 nights- $1375 per person

* Prices include all meals, kayaks, and guide. Prices do not include optional accommodation at lodges. All prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include applicable taxes.

Full Day or Multi Day trips

2019 Departure from
– Cortes Bay Dock
– Whaletown Bay Dock
– Mansons Dock
– Squirrel Cove Dock

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