Cortes Museum Cruises

These cruises are in partnership with the Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society. They feature a local naturalist/historian, and have a social and natural history focus. For more local history, as well as visitor info and more, please visit the CIMAS website:

Thursday, July 13 – Low Tide Reef Exploration

By mid-August, the tranquility of this seasonally popular boating haven returns.

Join Misty Isles as we slip lines and head south for the reef systems of Manson’s passage, between Savary and Hernando Islands. With gumboots, buckets, and curiosity, a rendezvous with a very low tide will set the stage for a foray into the semi-diurnal tides of BC.

Gently explore tide pools with local guides and naturalists, and meet some of the most interesting examples of evolution in the Discovery Islands. Themes of geology and biology and the human philosophies they have inspired will aid and abet us as we examine one of the truly dominant cycles of our planet.


Departs from Cortes Bay



Sunday, August 13– Háthayim Marine Park (Von Donop)

On the northwestern reaches of Cortes Island, a slender saltwater inlet projects itself from Sutil Channel into a biodiverse wilderness known as Háthayim. For centuries, human beings have sought shelter and sustenance alongside the steep sided fjords, old growth forests, and tidal estuaries. An army of high functioning ecosystems within Ha’thayim have led to its designation as a 1,277-hectare marine park.

Join Misty Isles for a pilgrimage by sea to engage in one of the most revered marine parks of the inside passage. Local guides and historians will lend narrative and interpretation while we parallel the Discovery Islands for a look at a wilderness where no road exists.

10am- 5pm

Departs from Mansons Landing


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