Desolation Sound

Internationally known and locally cherished, Desolation Sound is an area rich in awe inspiring juxtapositions. Glaciated fjords and inlets host some of the warmest sea temperatures in North America, while Seastars and Pacific Oysters grip the granite cliff faces beneath the root systems of coastal Rainforests. Archipelago islands and mainland mountain peaks stretch themselves skyward in a race to the stars, as tidal cycles and marine mammals ebb and flow in the waters below. Join Misty Isles for a voyage rich in beauty, biodiversity, and dynamic human histories.

TRIP DETAILS: Confirm your bookings departure location and trip time…we launch this trip from two different locations! This is a purely boat based trip with stops for swimming and wildlife viewing, but no shore access due to steep terrain. Private washroom onboard. Coffee, tea and homemade cookies from the galley await!

Day Trips


Departing Cortes Bay 



July 7, 14, 21, 28

August 4, 11, 18, 25

September 1


Departing Hollyhock beach

1:30pm- 6:30pm


July10, 15

Aug 7, 12, 21, 26

Sept 4, 9

Come sailing with us!

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